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How to Choose Between UHF and VHF Portable Two-ways Radio?

A basic two-ways radio has a receiver to catch signals and a transmitter to send them. These systems are available in various types such as handheld style, mobile or tuck mounted radios.

If you have thought of buying portable two-ways radio and are perplexed whether it will prove beneficial or not, then the answer would be in positive. Two-ways radio is one of the ideal means to save money particularly when your company is already making use of cell phones to communicate. Though the initial costs are higher in two-ways radio compared to cellular or Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio (ESMR) systems, you get some real benefits in the form of lower flat rate airtime which is usually available in wide area portable two-ways radio. By using portable two-ways radio, you can reduce wastage of time and fuel or vehicle expenses as well. Thus, billable hours of employees can be increased and revenues can also be raised.

However, there are various reasons considering which you should make your decision of buying a portable two-ways radio. VHF and UHF both technologies fulfill the purpose of communication. However, you need to first analyze your requirement and study the pros and cons of both technologies and then only get a two-ways radio.

If you need a radio to operate in the central parts of a major city or say in a heavy industrial area, UHF might be a better choice over VHF. It is due to the fact that UHF has lesser chances of interference. However, you can have satisfactory performance form VHF as well provided you choose frequencies carefully so that interferences from industrial area can be avoided.

If you need to use this wireless handheld radio in more than one city, then in that situation, VHF radios which operate on the special frequencies will prove to be best as well as an economical choice. Here it needs to be considered that these special frequencies which are also referred as ‘traveling frequencies’ might not prove as a good choice in a situation where a good number of wireless equipments are present. For instance, in trade shows, exhibitions and other similar situations. In those kinds of situations, it is better that you opt for UHF technology based portable tow-ways radio as there are least chances of any obstacle. cb radio adapter

Single channel or fixed frequency based VHF and UHF equipments in the TV band are not considered as a good choice for traveling purposes. It is so as all VHF and most of the UHF TV channels are often positioned in one or another location; so it is quite obvious that frequency conflicts will take place. To avoid these frequency conflicts, it is better to use frequency-agile UHF based two-ways radio.

However, in a situation when the smaller and less-visible antennas become significant like when there is a need to conceal the transmitters on the body, you should opt for UHF portable two-ways radio. UHF will be a right choice if high-performance antennas are needed to be used to extend range.

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