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Site Page Tracker: Track Your Progress In The Search Engines

When trying to earn your income pulling free traffic to you web site, you have a long road in front of you. While PPC marketing can get traffic to your site right now, it will also eat the majority of your profits and then some if you don’t pay attention.

The cheap path of organic search engine placement requires a lot of endurance. Yes, there are measured successes along the way, but it is usually many weeks before you see any significant traffic on your main keywords from the search engines. best link tracking software

I don’t know if you relate to this, but I often become disheartened when I don’t immediately see my progress. I am so accustomed to tracking two stats which are all but invisible for new sites. These stats are unique visitors and clicks on my ads and affiliate links.

If I am to stay in this SEO strategy, I need to start to track my successes using different stats. These stats include the pages indexed along with backlink counts. Both of these measures will translate into good keyword ranks, but this will take some time. In the meantime I can just be glad as I see my pages indexed and backlink counts get larger each day.

Because of this need, I created a PHP script to automate this checking. It accepts input of all the domains you want to track. You can even keep stats on article titles to understand how far your article is appearing on the Internet. Each day I simply click the “Update Stats” button and it finds the most current stats for each of my domains and articles. It even records the data for each day so I can see the progress.

So be encouraged. Whether you use my software or you check your stats by hand, your marketing efforts are bearing fruit. It is crucial that you maintain your efforts and find your successes along the way.

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